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1. General

This website was created and is managed by the European Cooperative Society with limited liability NewB, Kruidtuinstraat 75, 1210 Sint-Joost-ten-Node.

This website and the information contained in it may be used subject to observance of the specified terms and conditions of use. By using this website you, hereinafter referred to as “the user”, accept the terms and condition of use. The information which the user finds on this website or is provided to the user via this website has a general character and can therefore not be considered as adapted to the user’s personal needs or specific circumstances. NewB is entitled to change the information on this website at any moment at its own discretion and changes do not necessarily have to be notified.

NewB does its best to ensure the provided information is as complete, correct, precise and up to date as possible. NewB cannot be held liable for any errors, shortcomings or damage which are the result of the use of this information. However, should any provided information contain mistakes or should information, which the user would expect to find on this website, be missing, NewB undertakes to rectify this as soon as possible after it has been notified of these shortcomings. We therefore invite you to send any comments by e-mail.

2. Interruptions – Compatibility

NewB makes every effort to avoid any interruptions in the availability of this website, but does not accept any liability for possible damage following interruptions. NewB offers no guarantees relating to the compatibility of the files on the website with the user’s infrastructure. The user needs to make sure he/she has the appropriate IT-equipment and the necessary software, including security software (e.g. firewalls, antivirus software,…).

3. Intellectual property rights

The user explicitly acknowledges that the provided information and data are and remain NewB’s ownership. The texts, drawings, photographs, images, data, commercial and domain names, brands, logos and other components are protected by intellectual rights. Dissemination is only possible if NewB has given its explicit consent.
Where NewB offers the user the possibility to add his/her own contributions or pictures to the website, the user may not send any works protected by intellectual property rights, unless he/she possesses those rights or has all the necessary permissions of the rightful claimants for operation on the website. By adding his/her own contributions or photographs to the website, the user grants NewB the explicit right to publish these contributions or photographs on the website, without payment of any fee. In any case the user indemnifies NewB against all third-party claims.

4. Links to websites managed by third parties

This website contains links to websites managed by third parties. These links have only been put on the website for your information. NewB does not provide any guarantees whatsoever relating to the content, quality or completeness of these websites and can therefore not be held liable for this. A link to the website of a third party does not mean that NewB reached co-operation agreements with these third parties or that NewB approves of the information on these websites.

5. Unauthorised use of the website

The user of this website undertakes:

  1. not to use the information on this website in an unlawful or illegal way;
  2. not to use the website in a way that will damage, change, interrupt or make the website less efficient in any way;
  3. not to use the website to transmit or post computer viruses or to transmit or post illegal or unlawful material, or material that is in any way inappropriate, including, but not limited to material with a defamatory, obscene or threatening character;
  4. not to use the website in a way that violates the rights of a natural person, legal entity or association, such as but not exclusively, privacy and intellectual property rights;
  5. not to use the website to transmit or post material with promotional or publicity purposes. NewB reserves every right to declare the user in default and/or to institute civil proceedings if its interests or the interests of third parties are damaged following the violation of the aforementioned provisions or in any other way.

6. Cookies

Sometimes this website will use so-called “cookies”, these are small pieces of information we send and store on the hard disk of your computer. With every visit, this information is sent to the website administrator. This information is only used to verify your identity so that you don’t have to specify your user name and password every time you visit the website. Users are able to configure their browsers to warn them every time cookies are created, or to prevent the creation of cookies.

7. Personal details

Users can visit this website freely and consult information about our organisation and services without having to provide any personal details. When a user provides personal data, NewB shall handle it in accordance with the specified policy and the legal obligations relating to the processing of personal details. Personal details are stored in a secure environment which is not accessible to the public. The information shall merely be processed for internal purposes. NewB processes the collected personal data to contact the user and provide the best possible services. This data is not stored any longer than necessary to provide the service in question or use of the function in question. Generally, NewB does not provide any of the aforementioned personal details to third parties, with the exception of compliance with legal obligations and at the explicit request of the judicial authorities or the police. In the exceptional case that NewB passes on personal data to organisations or companies it works with, it is explicitly specified or the user’s explicit permission is requested. By providing his/her personal data, the user gives NewB explicit permission to process it for the aforementioned purposes. The user has the right to view and possibly correct the data which NewB registered. Moreover, at any moment he/she can request that his/her personal data be removed from NewB’s files via this page.

8. Passwords

The user may need a password to access certain parts of the website. In this case, access to these parts without a password is strictly prohibited. If the user has received a password, it must be kept confidential and secret. Any use made of our services following valid identification with your password shall be considered to have been carried out by the user. NewB can, if the website’s security is compromised, cancel the user’s password.

9. Liability

With the exception of a proven deliberate or gross error and causal connection with any arising damage, NewB cannot be held liable for any damage that might arise following the use of this website or the information on it or which can be accessed via this website (for instance by clicking the links).

Nor can NewB be held liable for damage following technical shortcomings, interrupted access to the website or any negative interferences with the user’s system or software.

NewB cannot be held liable for damage caused by possible viruses, bugs, Trojan horses, etc. if they, despite all the precautions taken, are on the website.