NewB GoodPay

The GoodPay Prepaid MasterCard® is the first genuinely sustainable prepaid card and this innovative world first is precisely waiting for you! With the dynamic support of 149 associations and nearly 50,000 cooperative members we have the ambition at NewB to establish a bank that puts sobriety, fairness, transparency and sustainability into practice. Order and use the prepaid card at better rates and conditions than usually offered on the market. Thus you bring us a step closer to the bank we want to achieve.

Our goodies

  • Good card

    Biodegradable card

  • Good Ecosumption

    Ecological footprint of your payments

  • Good Budget

    Never 'in the red'

  • Good Privacy

    With a specific card, your payments are anonymous

  • Good Control

    Activate and deactivate your card yourself; Control of underage users

  • Good gift

    5 cents donated to thegood cause of your choice with each payment

The prepaid card offers many advantages: it is made of corn and donates 5 eurocent per payment to a charity of your choice. You can only use your prepaid card to spend money you already put on your card and through this website you keep everything under control. In the long term it will be possible to order the card in ten languages and the card will map the ecological footprint of your payments.

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